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Sounds of Boney M Show is a phenomenal tribute to the legendary music of the 70’s, with Sheyla Bonnick, a former member of Boney M, as the leader. The show can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 1 hour 20 minutes. The group consists of 4 members, just like the original Boney M.

The show can either be supported by a live band or a backing track. Sheyla Bonnick would often use local live band, providing there is enough rehearsal time. You will hear most of golden hits including but not limited to Sunny, Belfast, Hooray its a holiday, Ma Baker, Rasputin, Brown Girl in the ring, Rivers of Babylon, Daddy Cool. Sheyla would often wow the audience by speaking multiple foreign languages and communicating with the public in their native language. A phenomenal show is guaranteed.

Sheyla Bonnick’s name made history when she became the first leading singer of “Boney M 1975”. The powerful, incendiary and phenomenal voice of Sheyla Bonnick sounds on stage from the day the band was found.

That voice gives one shivers in « the Rivers of Babylon», the unreal rhythm of «Sunny» makes you want to dance , and the first verse of «Rasputin» gets you on the dance floor.

Sheyla’s ennergy knows no limits. Her dance moves leave everyone speechless and she always has a joke or too in her pocket. A truly unforgettable show with one of the most legendary singers of the 80’s.


Sheyla Bonnick


Sheyla Bonnick

Sheyla Bonnick is a talented and well-rounded person. Except of her extraordinary vocal gift, the professional musician is also involved in other creative activities. Thus, the singer is seriously engaged in fashion design. Sheyla creates stage costumes for herself and her team.