www.sheylabonnick.comSheyla Bonnick’s name made history when she became the first leading singer of “Boney M”. The powerful, incendiary and phenomenal voice of Sheyla Bonnick sounds on stage from the day the band was found. That voice gives one shivers in « the Rivers of Babylon», the unreal rhythm of «Sunny» makes you want to dance , and the first verse of «Rasputin» gets you on the dance floor.

German singer-songwriter Frank Farian (real name Franz Reuther) recorded the dance track «Baby Do You Wanna Bump» in December 1974. Farian sang the repeated line «Do you do you wanna bump?» in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus. When the record was released as a single, it was credited to «Boney M.», a pseudonym Farian had created for himself after watching the Australian detective show Boney.
I turned on the TV one day and it was the end of a detective series. I just caught the credits and it said Boney. Nice name, I thought – Boney, Boney, Boney… Boney M. Boney, Boney, Boney M. Nice sound.

www.sheylabonnick.comAfter a slow start, the song became a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was then that Farian decided to hire performers to ‘front’ the group for TV performances. Originally from Jamaica Sheyla Bonnick moved to  Hannover, Germany when she was 18. That is where the career of a new pop singer began.  In 1975 she passed a casting and together with her best friend Maisie Williams, accepted an offer from a producer, Frank Farian. Together with Mike, a male dancer, they made the first Boney M band.

Then Bonnick and Mike left, and Maizie Williams brought in Bobby Farrell, an exotic dancer from Aruba. Singer Marcia Barrett (also from Jamaica) joined the group, which then went through another change in line-up when Claudja Barry left in February 1976 to pursue a solo career as a disco singer. Finally Liz Mitchell, former member of the Les Humphries Singers, stepped in. The line-up was finalised with Liz Mitchell, Maizie Williams, Marcia Barrett, and Bobby Farrell.

Sheila still follows the traditions of  disco and «Boney M», which became her life and means the world to her. She strives to achive perfection in everything she does. Seems that she can easily communicate with different people from all over the world and adapt to any given situation.

The show programme of «Sounds of BONEY M feat Sheyla BONNICK» consists of the original dance records and the lyrics memorized by hearts by all the fans. And most importantly, booking  the artist for your party or an event will allow you to have a chance to hear the real live vocals of the  legendary Sheyla Bonnick.

The advantage of working with Boney M feat Sheyla Bonnick is a guarantee of a high-quality live sound with the original soundtracks. Sheyla joined the band at the beginning, when Frank Farian only had an idea of creating a project. Wonder girl from sunny Jamaica came to  Europe to find her way in life. Now loved by millions she knows how to rock the dance floor.

For those who really missed the breathtaking disco hits of the 70 — 80th, who feels like a King or a Queen of the dance floor, who wants to enjoy all the Boney M hits at their own  party: «Sunny», «Rasputin», «Rivers of Babylon», «Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday». Sing them together live with a real legend of the original Boney M — Sheyla Bonnick.

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