Sheila Bonnick’s biography

Sheyla Bonnick


Sheila Bonnick Boney M 1975

Sheyla Bonnick – singer songwriter, author, reiki healer, talent scout, co-producer.

Sheyla (ne Sheila) is an all-round talent, attributes varying from Sports to complimentary medicine. She was one time member of the legendary Boney M group but does not necessarily like to lean on that.

In between touring the world with several music setups, she finds time to work along side of her Icelandic husband launching and producing budding recording artists. They own a digital studio whereby they prepare performers for a career in the music industry.


Boney M 1975

Sheyla Bonnick hobbies/interests: animals, reading, writing, astrology, psychology, cooking, sports, meaningful conversations, complimentary medicines, philosophy, dress-making, styling, talent development Current projects include a Chillout album called Angel Cures and a single release called Changes with a bonus track titled Unblocked.

You will be amazed by the vibrant colours and costume changes, many of which are designed and made by the talented Sheyla Bonnick.

She speaks German, Spanish, French and has a fair command of Danish and Russian. She can entertain in Polish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and any others if the need arises. In addition to all the above Sheyla is a Reiki healer.

She’s always finding new challenges to satisfy her mercurial mind and helping others so goodness knows whats next on the agenda.

Book a show Sound of Boney M feat Sheyla Bonnick.