Book a show Boney M

September 22/14

How can one possibly imagine a huge celebration like Christmas and New Year’s night without a famous artist?!

Do you like vivid emotions and unforgettable memories? Invite Boney M to your corporate party, New Year’s night or another remarkable date. The singers are always seen in Russian at various festivals and they also perform at private parties.

Is it difficult to book a Boney M show directly? Indeed, many of you fairly observe that you are not communicating with the singers themselves now. This can be easily explained . It’s natural that it’s not always possible for the artist to answer all phone calls which can reach 30 daily. And moreover, Sheyla Bonnick is a foreign singer, she doesn’t speak Russian. While not every client speaks English or German fluently, unfortunately. Therefore, the communication could present some difficulties. That’s why all foreign artists prefer to work with the help of a Russian speaking manager.

Sheyla Bonnick is in partnership with more than 10 concert and event companies from CIS countries. Particularly, Sheyla Bonnick has long-term business relations with these companies, but nobody has the exclusive right to represent Sound of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan or the other CIS countries.

Please rest assured that by booking a show of Boney M through us you will not be charged any extra fees.

If you are interested in booking concert or getting to familiar with the cost of the performance, contact us by phone or vk.

Sound of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick will make your celebration truly unforgeable.