Sheyla Bonnick a charming singer

August 09/16

We have previously written about Sheyla Bonnick, a charming singer who was part of the original 1974 Boney M. In July 2016 Sheyla spent a lot of her time on tour and visited many different cities.
The official website of Boney M had all the amazing footage of the fantastic performances at corporate parties, weddings and Jubilees in Europe. Boney M hits were a really nice
surprise to all the guests. The month of July was very productive for the singer, as apart from being on a European tour, she managed to spend a lot of time in the studio recording.

Although Boney M is very popular globally, Sheyla Bonnick spends a lot of time in Europe, as its historic past and charm is quite different from the culture of the USA.

Organising such a large number of shows and running on such a tight schedule is not an easy task, however Sheyla Bonnick, always manages to stay very professional and punctual.

The guests had an opportunity to enjoy a live performance of all the dance remixes and the top hits, that are now considered the gold classic of the music collection.

Each shoe included 45 minutes of non-stop legendary music and Boney M hits, the playlist was tailored to the individual requests of the customers. Once the show was over the professional artists spent some time with the guests socialising, taking pictures and signing autographs.