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Do you want to spend the night dancing away to “Sunny”, “Rasputin”, “Bahama Mama”, then do not hesitate, go ahead and book Sounds of Boney M for your party. What will come as a nice surprise is that the leader of the band is one of the former members of Boney M, an extremely talented artist with a unique voice Sheyla Bonnick.

Just remember how the crowd was going wild for hearing “Daddy Cool” in the 70’, it was Sheyla Bonnick who stole the hearts of many. Radio stations could not keep up with the requests to play a certain songs and there was a concert booking each and every day.

You have a unique chance to see the professional show, perfected over the years by Sheyla Bonnick for yourself. You must have attended multiple parties and events, but we doubt that you have ever seen anything like a show of Sounds of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick live. You will not regret booking Boney M show for your corporate party, birthday celebration or a wedding, Sheyla is loved by all the generations.

The official website Boney M sounds of feat Sheyla Bonnick is the portal where you can book a show directly. Please familiarise yourself with the show schedule of Boney M (Sheyla Bonnick) and choose the available date for your performance. Once you’ve decided on the date, please fill out the online booking form specifying your name, e-mail address, telephone number, the place of the event and the type. The band manager will be delighted to assist you with finalising your booking.

Let Boney M create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event.