Sheila Bonnick’s discography

Sheyla Bonnick

The first success comes to Sheyla Bonnick at the begining of 1975 with the release of her first single “Baby do you wanna Bump”. This was the time when Katia Wolf was working with the young and talented girl, promoting her in Germany. The hits of Boney M were born around the same time, as Sheyla got noticed and invited to many castings and projects. But her producer chose to have an audition with Frank Farian for Boney M.



According to wikipead it was in 1975, when her first single “It’s my discotech” Disco 6 was released. Sheyla was planning to conquer the dancefloors as part of Boney M, as well as as a solo artist. At the end of 1970’s Sheyla added a few more tracks to her repertoire: Daddy Cool 1976, Rasputin, Ma Baker, Brown girl in the ring, Rivers of Babylon, Holiday and many more. Once Sheyla left the project she started working on a new contract with Mandrake and released several more fresh singles “DancingTheNightAway”, “ItsTimeForUs” and “DiscoMagic”. These songs were at the top of all the music charts in Germany and Netherlands for a really long time. The songs of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick were also extremely popular. Later on in the 90’s when she revived the band, the fans started learning the lyrics by heart and attenting every single performance. A completely new quality single “ProudMary” was released in 1979 as part of the contract with a German records company HansaRecords. In 1983 the artist tried herself in a new role and made a soundtrack for a movie- Die Flambierte Frau (A Woman in Flames).

At the end of the 80′ Sheyla, who was spelling her name as Sheila Bonnique got married to a icelander and moved back to Germany to start working on a musical. The “Money Talks” show, performed in Lindenborg inn in Denmark revealed a different side to Sheyla’s talent and made her even more popular.

In 1993 Sheyla decided to revamp the Boney M band and create a new album of their best hits “Gold – 20 Super Hits”. At the same time an article about the new Boney M and Sheyla’s biography was published in the “Se&Hor” magazine. In 1995 Sheyla created her own show programme Boney M feat Sheyla Bonnick, as the songs were still extremely popular. She is still performing the original hits like “Rasputin”, “Hooray! Hooray! It’s a holiday”, “Sunny” until now.

She also added 2 new singles to her discography. Both of them were released in 2013. “Unblocked. The Solo Album Comes Autumn” tells us how mature Sheyla got as an artist and how she truly developed her own style. “Live Better” 2013 that was made together with Rassell still shows us the joyful and fun Sheyla, as the audience know her.