Greek Times about Sheyla Bonnick

September 03/15

March 11, 2012

After decades of performing their massive hits all over Europe, enormously popular Sheyla Bonnick and her version of the very popular Boney M fame appeared on stage at “Disco Studio 54″ in Athens on Saturday, April 7. Belting out all their great songs from the 70s and 80s, the four members of the group had everyone up on their feet dancing. The original group, formed in 1975
with German producer Frank Farian, were internationally famous during the disco era of the late 70s.

Along with founding member Sheyla Bonnick and her line up, Saturday’s performance included favourite hits such as “Daddy Cool,” “Ma Baker,” “Sunny” and “Brown Girl in the Ring/Rivers of Babylon”. Fans of the group were able to dance on stage with the friendly band and pose for photographs at the end of their groovy show.

Jamaican lead singer Sheyla Bonnick Boney M commented that she hadn’t been in Greece for some time, but that she did indeed love the beautiful country. When asked about the 80s revival in the UK, she remarked that people still loved disco music and that she expected it to always be around.

Other members of the band were just as enthusiastic about keeping their music alive. Attending the group’s performance was Paolo Belletrutti, the band’s agent.