Rider Boney M Sheyla Bonnick

Sheyla Bonnick

A list of requirements for concert planning and concert running for Sounds of Boney M feat Sheyla Bonnick

FLIGHT: 5 airline tickets in economy class. London – Destination city – London (THE PURCHASE OF ALL THE AIRLINE TICKETS WILL BE AGREE BY THE ARTIST)

TRANSFERS: a minibus for 5 people is required (Mercedes Viano or a similar vehicle, the passenger compartment shall be not smoky and equipped with a working AC and a working heater).

HOTEL: the place of residence should be a 4-5 stars hotel. 5 single euro-hotel enhanced comfort rooms.

CATERING: It’s necessary to grant a daily food allowance at a rate of 70 EUR per person per day to the Team of the Artist (5 people). Arrival days and late departure days should also be covered.

DRESSING ROOMS AT THE CONCERT VENUE: It’s necessary to provide one dressing room for the whole Music Band. The dressing room should be clean, secure and should have a lock. The dressing room should be situated on the same floor as the stage entrance. It must have a mirror, clothes rails, heaters/fans (for normal air temperature maintenance), a table, 4 chairs or one sofa. The dressing room should be well-lit. A Separate WC should be situated near the dressing room and have a hot and cold water supply. The access to the dressing room should not be through the audience hall.

The following items and products should be available in the dressing room:
– a coffee machine or freshly brewed coffee at any time;
– an electric kettle filled with water;
– tea (black tea and green tea), sugar, lemons, milk;
– still mineral water «Vittel» or «Evian»: 6 bottles (0,5l each);
– 100{8b193bb4609c91d5d98551647e17569eb9c6eb1fa55817b37390055ccfcdec08} freshly squeezed juice (apple juice or orange juice – 1l);
– 1 bottle of champagne (brut!);
– glasses;
– cheese platter (mozzarella, maasdam, suluguni, brie);
– fish platter, charcuterie platter;
– sliced brown bread and white bread;
– fruit mix platter;
– cups;
– spoons, forks, a pocket pack of tissues, soap;
– 3 soft terry towels;
– a rubbish bin;

SECURITY: the Event Manager has to provide services of a qualified security agency that specialises in safety provision for mass cultural entertainment and corporate events.

Sound System (РА)
A mixing desk
Professional modern devices for voice processing and voice improvement.
Stage monitors, not less than 4. In case it’s impossible to use stage monitors, it’s necessary to supply 3 principal monitors of high quality.
4 wireless microphones (“Shure”, “Sennheiser”) with brand new batteries (“Duracell”, “Energizer”).
Mini stereo jack for an Ipad.
Big screens at the concert venue would be an asset.
The lighting equipment should include dynamic devices and the smoke machine is mandatory
A professional sound engineer and a professional lights engineer should be present
Minimum sound check time is 20 min. The sound check should be held not less, than 2 hours before the beginning of the performance.