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Booking Boney M

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Sheyla Bonnick

In 2006 in London a new sensational musical “Daddy Cool” was shown. The event took place in a popular theatre in West End in the capital of Great Britain.The theatrical was very successful. The first night f the new musical coincided to the 30 years of activity of Boney M music band. The new theatrical is a story about a boy named Sunny who comes from Jamaica to the UK to develop his talent of dancing. The audience got a unique possibility to enjoy the mixture of a love story, a story of self-improvement, a story about intricate relations between two families, a story about parents and their children. But the most important storyline of the theatrical is about hardships on the road to the top.

In 2008 the co-producer of the musical Frank Farian told in an interview that the musical would soon be shown in Moscow. Frank Farian also confessed that he was highly impressed by the musical “Mamma Mia”, based on ABBA repertoire. ABBA was at height of success the same period as Farian’s most profitable project. That fact, according to his words, inspired him to create his own musical.

Although the theatrical has not yet appeared on the stages in Moscow, the show already took the audience by storm in several European countries. In Berlin the creators and producers of the theatrical even had to build up a huge portable theatre. The show could also be seen in Netherlands and in Spain. Several more countries such as the USA, Canada, France also booked the theatrical. It should be noticed that the production crew includes famous professionals. A number of these profis took part in the production of such successful musicals as “Cats”,“We Will Rock You”, “Evita”, “Mery Poppins”.

Unsurprisingly, Frank Farian hoped for gaining most profit from the musical exactly in Russia. The fact that Farian’s so called “Black Abba” were the first western artists that got permission to perform in Moscow, explained Farian’s expectations. It happened in 1978 when Leonid Brezhnev, who headed the Soviet Union that time, invited the artists to the country. Roumors say that Brezhnev was a great fan of them. Obviously it was apparently the truth because the group was also allowed to film up a video for the song “Rasputin”. Nevertheless the song was banned in the USSR because of it’s lyrics.

This song eventually became so to say fatal. In December, 2010 Russian news agencies informed that Bobby Farrell, the soloist of the legendary group, was found dead in Saint Petersburg. He died of a heart attack after performing at a private party. Ironically “lover of the Russian queen” also died in St.Petersburg practically the same day as Farrell did. The vocalist had been performing since 1975. Initially he was brought by another female vocalist Maizie Williams. Farrell came to replace Maizie’s friend Sheyla Bonnick. It is curious to know that for years Farrell wasn’t actually singing. Instead of his voice the audience heard Farian’s voice.

Up to his death Bobby Farrell performed with his own music group, giving concerts in many countries. Most of all he gladly accepted invitations to numerous festivals in Russia where he was especially welcomed by the public. During the tour around Russia in the first half of 2009 the artist was given boots and a hat made of bona fide fur. Besides in Samara Farrell and his dancers got their portraits painted by some fan.

For booking a show Boney M of the legend of 1980-s people try to find the official website via Internet. Inviting the artists can also be held with assistance of contact groups. Sheyla Binnick became a member of the group Boney M since 1975 and is still touring with her own team performing such hits as “Brown Girl…”, “Ma Baker”, “Rivers Of Babylon” and others.