The secrets Sounds of Boney M feat Sheila Bonnick

April 12/18

What are the secrets of the legendary «Sounds of Boney M feat Sheila Bonnick»? Why is it that some songs are popular for twenty, thirty and even forty year and some disappear after a day? The songs of Boney M have been at the top of music charts for the last 40 years, loved by many generations.

Where and how can you feel the disco energy?

The official website of Boney M would like to inform all the music lovers of Ukraine about the upcoming shows of  «Sounds of Boney M feat Sheila Bonnick»: 31 May – 5 June 2018!

The real fans of disco and  «Sounds of Boney M feat Sheila Bonnick» get a chance to rate the experience of disco magic.

1. The original disco tracks and lyrics, that are known by heart by many generations

2. The energy and the strength of Sheyla Bonnick’s  of Boney voice

3. The legendary disco singles of 80-90′

Sheyla Bonnick has a very special place in music history due to her unique manner and voice. Her performances are always vibrant, energetic and moving. Just think of Rivers of Babylon, Sunny and Rasputin!

Sheyla Bonnick is the most charismatic, sensual and talented artist of our time. You need to see it to believe it, the music dance show of  Sounds of Boney M Feat Sheyla Bonnick is truly phenomenal.

See you at my shows in Ukraine from 31 May till 5 June! Sincerely yours, Sheyla Bonnick